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Metro Rental specializes in portable stage applications for all events including tent flooring, runways, dances, wedding receptions, graduations, dramatic presentations and outdoor parties. We have portable staging that ranges in size from small single-piece units stages designed to host a speaking podium to larger stages that are made of multiple platform pieces. We have the traditional 4 x 4 stage platforms as well as 4 x 8 platforms that have fold out legs. We also offer stage skirting, stage steps and guard rails for a polish look.

• 4 x 4 deck adjustable height up to 16" high, comes with all necessary legs and protective rubber feet. These decks lock together to build the required stage size. Legs are independently adjustable to level to almost any surface.
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• 4 x 8 non-adjustable pre-fixed height at 24" high. Stage Decks lock together to build required stage size.

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1 Day Rental Rates: (Price is for rental only, delivery & setup cost varies.)
  Stage Deck    Varies      
  Stage Guard Rail    Varies      
  Stage Stairs    Varies      
  Stage Skirt (16" High, Black)    Varies